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The Vision 2020 Social Media Tip Guide was created to help you follow and participate in the Vision 2020 Conversation via a variety of social media channels and tools. Use as many of these channels and tools in any combination that you desire to post messages, links, pictures etc. You can even post, update or tweet across channels. Please do not hesitate to use other services that may not be listed here, especially if you know that there may be an interested audience present.

Primary Websites and Services

Site Description Link
Vision 2020 Main Event Website
Facebook Main Vision 2020 Facebook Page
Twitter Vision 2020 Twitter Account!/EqualityInSight
Twibbon Show your support by adding a badge to your Twitter or Facebook account
Event Blog Special announcements, inside perspectives, analysis and more
YouTube View and share event videos Twitter posts reformatted in an easy to read daily newspaper

Follow Topics with Twitter Hash Tags

In order to help you follow conversations about any of the specific topics being discussed during Vision 2020, we have set up the following Twitter Hash Tags ( “#” ) for use during the event. Hash Tags can be used in the following ways:

  1. To tweet information about a specific event topic (simply add the appropriate Hash tag to your tweet).
  2. To search for and/or view tweets on a particular topic; you can do any of the following.
  • In your Twitter client, click or tap the desired Hash Tag.
  • In your Twitter client, enter the desired Hash Tag into the client’s Search tool.
  • Browse to and enter the desired Hash Tag to search Twitter.

Although all Hash Tags are “live” and working, some may not show any activity until they are actually used.

Event Hash Tags Twitter Hash Tag
Primary event hash tag #Equalityinsight
Alternative event hash tag #Vision2020
October 21, 2010
Hash Tags for each Topic Time Twitter Hash Tag
Business, Law & Finance 8:30-10:15 am #V2020BLF
Health 10:45 am-12:15 pm #V2020H
Education 1:30-3:00 pm #V2020Ed
Communications & Media 3:30-5:00 pm #V2020CM
October 22, 2010
Science, Technology & Engineering 8:30-10 am #V2020STE
Philanthropy, Faith & Volunteerism 10:30 am – noon #V2020PFV
Arts & Culture 1:15-2:45 pm #V2020AC
Politics & Government 3:15-4:45 pm #V2020PG

An alternate way of viewing tweets can be found at, a service that reformats twitter posts into easy to read “daily newspapers.” We have set “daily newspapers” for each of the eight topics.

Note that “papers” are only updated once per day.

Topic “Daily Paper”
Primary event hash tag
Alternative event hash tag
Business, Law & Finance
Communications & Media
Science, Technology & Engineering
Philanthropy, Faith & Volunteerism
Arts & Culture
Politics & Government

Useful Social Media Tools

The following social media management clients are excellent tools for simplifying posting and tracking conversations online. Each one can post to multiple accounts and services simultaneously (such as to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and My Space) and are available for PCs, Macs and mobile devices (but not all versions are available on all devices). The following are the most popular clients and each offers free versions for various platforms.

Note that posts sizes should be limited to the maximum number of characters that can be used by the shortest service. This means that although Facebook accepts longer posts than Twitter, if a long post is made to both, Twitter may only display part of a post.

Ways to Participate

Vision 2020 is as much about the conversation as the content of the conversation itself. Fortunately, social media offers many ways to participate. The list below offers suggestions about how you can both participate in the conversation and help spread the conversation to reach new voices.

  • Post your thoughts or comments to your own or other blogs or Facebook pages (the main Vision 2020 Facebook Page is located at
  • Post and tweet links to interesting blogs, pictures and videos.
  • Reply to or mention other people and organizations.
  • Ask/answer questions and get into discussions.
  • On Twitter, “Re-Tweet” interesting tweets, links or pictures (people love to be Re-Tweeted).
  • Ask others to Re-Tweet you. This could be a direct request or general tweet including “Pls RT”.
  • Post or Tweet event announcements.
  • Post or Tweet links to Delegates bios (for example; “#Vision 2020: Meet the Delegates: Name, Title & Link”).
  • When having discussions about a particular topic on Twitter, use Hash Tags (see chart).
  • Or any combination of the above tactics.
  • Use Facebook’s internal promotion tool, “Suggest to Friends.” This tool will send a message to your entire Friends list or to select friends on your list.
  • Add a Badge to your Facebook or Twitter accounts using Vision 2020’s page is here;

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