Today’s Teens are Tomorrows Leaders: Music City Girls Leadership Academy Lays Foundation

Patricia Pierce with her mentee Katie Delay from Chattanooga, TN.

Patricia Pierce with her mentee Katie Delay from Chattanooga, TN.

Leadership is a lifelong process and developing leaders in middle and high school is not too early to start. Teenage years are critical period for developing leadership skills. Young girls don’t necessarily recognize their leadership potential or realize that participating in school activities and sports provides excellent opportunities for leadership development.

Music City Girls Lead! is a leadership academy designed for high school girls in grades 9 through 11 in Middle Tennessee to develop and build on their leadership potential. It is being held as part of the activities leading up to the 2014 NCAA Women’s Final Four Basketball Tournament that will take place in Nashville.

The Champions4Women Committee of the Nashville Local Organizing Committee is partnering with Lipscomb University’s Nelson and Sue Andrews Institute for Civic Leadership to offer the leadership program. The program focuses on topics of developing as a leader, becoming an ethical leader in a multicultural society, developing vision and voice, learning to use technology in leadership roles, promoting wellness and health, and transforming vision into results. The girls participated in classroom activities and online learning as well as collaborating with classmates on a community project and having the opportunity to communicate with a professional woman who was assigned to be their mentor.

Twenty-eight girls graduated from the inaugural program. Dates for the second program will be announced soon. The girls may not have been sure what to expect from the program, but they left not only with leadership skills, but with confidence and determination to take an active role in their school and community and to make a difference. Our communities need these strong, creative, courageous young women to take leadership roles, because they are going to change the world!

This blog was written and submitted by Tennessee Delegate and Chair of the Champions4Women Committee Patricia Pierce


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