New Education Initiative Kicks Off with “Remember the Ladies!”

Vision 2020 is pleased to announce the launch of its Education Initiative with “Remember the Ladies! An Essay and materials about Alice Paul and the passage of the 19th Amendment.”  These materials shine a light in an engaging and entertaining way on a central event in American constitutional history – the right of women to vote – and on the struggle and perseverance of the leaders of that struggle. This lesson was created to celebrate Constitution Day on Tuesday, September 17.

Through lessons and materials like these, the Vision 2020 Education Initiative will pursue our Education Goal:  to educate young people to value gender equality, shared leadership, and civic engagement. The stories of our historical leaders – and explorers, scientists, inventors, teachers, athletes and others – will help young people understand their past and prepare for the future.

Initially, we plan to develop and post one lesson per month related to a holiday or day of observance that occurs that month.  In October, the lesson will focus on women explorers and adventurers in observance of Columbus Day. In November, we will connect to Veterans’ Day. The lessons will be accompanied by a short essay on the subject that Vision 2020 partners and friends may include in their newsletters, FB posts and websites with a link to the more robust lesson. This strategy will extend the reach of the lesson beyond the traditional classroom as well as raise awareness of the lessons and promote their use.

With the generous support of Wells Fargo, the Founding Supporter of the Education Initiative, Vision 2020 is developing long-term plans for this special project. We look forward to creating a full inventory of holiday-related lessons for different grade levels for classroom and out-of-school use. We also look forward to developing Vision 2020 content that teachers can use to supplement their regular social studies curricula; for example, women spies in the Civil War or the role of women in the settlement of the West.

Finally, young people are not the only intended audience. We will develop materials and resources that are interesting and entertaining to citizens of all ages. Together, our nation will “Remember the Ladies!”


About equalityinsight

Vision 2020 is a national coalition of organizations and individuals united in their commitment to achieve women’s economic and social equality. Join Vision 2020 today!
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