Men’s Interests Vs. Women’s Interests: Florida Delegate Asks Is there Such a Thing?

Editor’s Note: This blog was written and submitted by Vision 2020 Florida Delegate Stephanie Stilson.

Stephanie Stilson headhshot directoryAs I traveled from Florida to our Congress in Portland, I had a short layover in Phoenix.  As I stood waiting to board the plane, I noticed a Hudson News magazine stand which I believe is fairly common to airports throughout the United States.  I do not usually browse magazine stands, preferring to bring my own reading material when I travel, but this one caught my attention.  Take a look at the pictures I snapped with my phone and see if you can pick up on what I noticed.

2nd photo- Stephanie Stilson blog

1st photo- Stephanie Stilson blog


The section titled “Men’s Interest” includes magazines that clearly belong in a men’s section (e.g. Men’s Journal, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness) while the “Women’s Interest” includes similar matchups (e.g. Women’s Day, Ladies Home Journal).  But notice what else is included in the men’s section: Discover, PCWorld, Scientific American, etc.  Over in the women’s section, we find mostly fashion and style-related magazines as well as a couple of fitness magazines.  There is nothing technical, scientific or do I dare say thought-provoking in the women’s section.

I hope this offends you as much as it does me.  In looking at these two sections, the majority of magazines that I am interested in are located in the men’s section!  Why is Hudson News making the assumption that women are not interested in anything other than our physical appearance, the food we cook, or the living room we decorate?  Does this odd segregation of topics encourage our young girls to pick up a copy of Popular Science?  Does it encourage a young boy interested in becoming a clothing designer to pick up a copy of Vogue?  I understand the need to provide some form of categorization to help busy travelers quickly find what they are looking for. But wouldn’t categories such as “Fitness/Fashion/Lifestyle” and “Technology/Science/Hobbies” be just as, if not more, effective?  I intend to contact Hudson News about their choice in categorization.  Stay tuned to the Vision 2020 blog for the results of my inquiry!

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