New Year’s Resolution in the Big Apple

Erin VilardiIt is only right that we kick off 2013 by highlighting the inspiring efforts of Vision 2020’s own Erin Vilardi in the heart of America’s New Year’s celebration- New York City!! Erin, one of Vision 2020’s New York Delegates, has decided to kick off the New Year with a resolution to give back locally as well as nationally by joining the board of Girl Meets World (GMW).

“This work is important to me as a delegate of Vision 2020; not only does it move forward our goal of educating new generations of girls to strive for leadership, it emphasizes Vision2020’s message of shared leadership – that everyone wins when leadership opportunities are opened,” Erin explains.

GMW all-volunteer organization teaches middle school girls in low-income and under-served schools to imagine bolder professions and strive for leadership opportunities. All year round, they bring young female professionals – often with similar identities and backgrounds – to the classroom to inspire girls to think broadly about who they are and what they can be. The program takes place during school hours and is an excellent leadership supplement to their scheduled academic curriculum. This year long program teaches young girls valuable leadership skills including time management, networking, public speaking and much more.

GMW founders Francesca ReDavid and Lorraine Mull have created a simple, effective model: give girls something to dream about and someone to tell them it’s possible, coupled with the skills and support to get there. GMW is a successful program model currently partnering with three schools – MS 161, Central Park East Middle School and Mott Hall 2 – inspiring young girls at exactly the time they need it most.

Vision 2020 wants to send a huge thank you to Erin for showing us all how a New Year’s Resolution can positively impact girls’ success in your community. How will your New Year’s resolution work to bring women’s equality into sight? Post your Resolution on our Vision 2020 Facebook page or tweet us @Equalityinsight!

Join Vision 2020 today by becoming a member and help us advance women’s economic and social equality through our Five National Goals: Pay equality, more women in leadership positions, family-friendly workplace policies, voter mobilization, and civic engagement.

About equalityinsight

Vision 2020 is a national coalition of organizations and individuals united in their commitment to achieve women’s economic and social equality. Join Vision 2020 today!
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