Our National Ally Releases Study on Economic Recovery for Women

Nearly six years have gone by since the recession rocked the nation, causing almost 7.5 million people to lose their jobs. Yet for women it still feels like yesterday.

How did women make out in the recovery. Women have been less successful than men at finding a new job either in the public or private sector. Overall, women gained back 24% of the jobs lost during the recession; however men were able to gain 39% of the jobs lost. 

For every 10 private sector jobs women gained since 2009, they lost more than 4 public sector jobs, according to a NEW study conducted by our National Ally, the National Women’s Law Center.

In the public sector, both men and women lost a significant amount of jobs during the recovery, as the statistics go into the negative (see chart below). The NWLC finds that from June 2009 to June 2012,  the private sector “picked up more than 3.2 million jobs over the course of the recovery; women gain 28.3 percent of those jobs (908,000). “

The unemployment rate for active job seekers in June 2012 was 7.8% for men and 7.4% for women. In December, 2007, the unemployment for both men and women was 4.4%.


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