Vision 2020 Co-Chair Lynn Yeakel Sends a Call to Voters

Karen Heller, columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, reflected in her March 14 column on the 2012 update of Women Office Holders, Candidates and Voters, tracked annually by Rutgers’ Center for American Women and Politics. ( Pennsylvania ranks 42nd in electing women to the state legislature.

Heller interviewed Vision 2020’s Co-chair, Lynn Yeakel for the article. During the interview, Yeakel commented on her journey while running for the U.S. Senate in 1992. Below are excerpts and adaptations from the article.

Mirroring the US Congress, only 17 percent of the Pennsylvania’s legislature is female. That means of the 253 legislative seats in Pennsylvania, 210 are held by men and 43 by women.

Compared to other Northeastern states, Pennsylvania remains at the bottom of the list. New Jersey is at number 10 and Delaware is at 18. Find your state’s ranking:

Despite the numbers, there is hope for women in Pennsylvania’s April 24 primary. Six women will compete for U.S. House seats, one woman for state attorney general, and another for secretary of state. Still, as Yeakel stated, it is up to the voters to respond to the call.

“The focus we have at Vision 2020 is on getting more women to vote. If more women voted, more women would get elected,” Yeakel explained.

Yeakel’s own campaign for office was 20 years ago, the trials and tribulations faced by women running for political office encounter have not changed. During her interview with Heller, Yeakel remembered others commenting on frivolous matters such as her hair and clothing. This might remind others of similar comments made about Sarah Palin, Hilary Clinton, and Michele Bachman.


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Vision 2020 is a national coalition of organizations and individuals united in their commitment to achieve women’s economic and social equality. Join Vision 2020 today!
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One Response to Vision 2020 Co-Chair Lynn Yeakel Sends a Call to Voters

  1. SBC says:

    When women can be subjected to unnecessary, invasive procedures, required to tell employers why they are taking certain meds, and subjected to ridicule for a prescription, we definitely need more women in office. A few weeks ago here in Oregon, Rep. Wayne Krieger yelled “shut your mouth” to a female colleague, Rep. Carolyn Tomei while they were in session –

    When Tomei suggested that an official apology request be sent to the House Rules Cmte, the male Co-Speaker of the House, Rep. Arnie Roblan, objected because he didn’t want the legislative session to get “hung up.” Does anyone believe Krieger would have yelled at a male colleague in this way?

    Women are the 51%. We need to start acting like it!

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