Vision 2020 and Rock the Vote Launch National Voter Mobilization Campaign

Vision 2020, a national initiative to advance women’s equality, announces today a partnership with Rock the Vote to encourage women to register to vote and to become involved in local, state and national politics, titled She Rocks the Vote.

She Rocks the Vote kicks off by using the 100-plus state delegates of Vision 2020 and nearly 50 allied organizations whose members represent more than 20 million women and girls to contact their networks with e-invitations to utilize a co-branded campaign portal that includes Rock the Vote’s premier voter registration tool. This tool allows individuals to fill out the voter registration form online and print, sign and send it to their elections office:

Vision 2020 is a national initiative developed by the Institute for Women’s Health and Leadership at Drexel University College of Medicine. Its goal is to make equality a national priority through shared leadership among women and men.

“More than 90 years ago, women’s suffragists won the right to vote for our half of the population. We need to exercise that right in 2012, and in every election,” said Vision 2020 Founder and Co-Chair Lynn Yeakel, director of Drexel University College of Medicine’s Institute for Women’s Health and Leadership. “She Rocks the Vote will ensure that women have a voice in decision-making in our nation.”

Vision 2020 connects organizations and individuals to take action to achieve equality for women and girls and is proud to collaborate with Rock the Vote, whose mission is to engage and build political power for young people in the United States. Rock the Vote has registered more than 5 million young adults to vote. Vision 2020 will mobilize a record number of women to go to the polls in 2020, the centennial of the 19th Amendment. Today’s launch is the first step in an eight-year voter-mobilization campaign.

“Young women play a powerful role in shaping the future direction our country. Through our partnership with Vision 2020 we will register, educate and turn them out to the polls on Election Day ensuring that the issues they care about most are addressed by those we elect,” said Rock the Vote President Heather Smith.

For more information, visit

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Vision 2020 is a national coalition of organizations and individuals united in their commitment to achieve women’s economic and social equality. Join Vision 2020 today!
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