Ask and You May Not Receive: Gender Pay Gap Persists

“Women don’t get raises or promotions because they don’t ask for them.” That sentence has been said many times to many groups of women. However, Catalyst’s Nancy Carter and Christine Silva are saying women do ask for raises and promotions, but they simply aren’t seen a good return on their requests.

In Catalyst’s recent report “The Myth of the Ideal Worker,” the research focused on career paths of high-potential women and men who are MBA graduates from top schools. Catalyst found there was no significant difference in the proportion of women and men who asked for increased compensation or a higher position, among those women and men who had moved on from their first post-MBA job.

As it turned out, women who had moved on from their first post-MBA job had slower growth in compensation than those who stayed at their first jobs. Men who changed jobs, on the other hand, experienced higher compensation growth than those who stayed, according to the Catalyst report.

Carter and Silva write in The Washington Post that the issue needs to be reframed: “If women are asking, but are still not advancing as quickly, maybe we need to frame things differently. Perhaps it’s not that women don’t ask—but that men don’t have to.”

How can we close the gender wage gap? Vision 2020 wants to hear your suggestions. Email with your ideas. You may see them here on the blog!


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