Inspiring New Generations of Women (and Men)

Editor’s note: This blog is a series about the discussions that took place during Vision + Action = Equality in Motion on Oct. 11-13 in Chicago. This series is authored by Jan Stone, who volunteered her time and talent to attend 3,000 Days and Counting. Read the first entry here, the second entry here, and the third here.

By Jan Stone

Goal 4 – Educating new generations of girls and boys to respect their differences – is already in play with an education partnership with USA Today—Equality in Motion! Those who developed the initiative discussed funding resources and websites with contents on all facets of gender equality–a future far different than what’s being taught today.

Along with that, another initiative being implemented is Go For the Title. Like Title IX of the educational amendments – Vision 2020 will identify with it, expand upon it and interpret it in a way that makes it work for girls already, such as those in the Girl Scouts.

Methods to  communicate new Title IX inclusions include events like Capitol Hill Day. And with support Title IX coordinators already in place, National Delegates are looking for other models that will enable them to connect Title IX with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

All of these campaigns are wrapped into integrated community engagement and marketing campaigns that:

  • Target specific audiences w/culturally appropriate materials;
  • Establish diversity, including Youth Board, actively listen to them and engage in the conversation;
  •  Appoint Youth Board Delegates in each state for a separate Youth Board.

The final goal — Mobilizing Women in America to Vote — cannot be more central to Vision 2020 and women’s right to vote.

Wrapping it all up is the SHE DECIDES campaign. This marketing/branding campaign is an affirmation-based program encouraging those who collaborate with the Vision 2020/Rock the Vote program to use their voices. The campaign educates younger voters, millennials who haven’t established voting patterns, and others who need help understanding voter rules. They’ll be taught about early voting, mail-in votes, and other voting regulations that they may not know.

And they’ll be educated through targeted outlets:  Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks as well as traditional routes.

The SHE DECIDES campaign will become a powerful grassroots program that voters of all ages want to hear about. And candidates will want the SHE DECIDES campaigners to know they support Vision 2020. SHE DECIDES is a program idea that will become a part of our lives by 2020.

That these strategies and tactics were developed in one morning and communicated in the afternoon. These issues are so important to our lives and the lives of our children’s and grandchildren’s.

At the end of the day, Glass Ceilings, Golden Skirts, Sticky Floors –the many expressions of gender inequality – won’t disappear without everyone’s involvement today, tomorrow and every day hereafter. The countless hurdles to overcome are achieved one-by-one, and we can’t be complacent when only some of the goals are reached. Each of them requires Herculean effort, so we need more to be actively involved, too. All five Vision 2020 goals are designed on fact, not emotion, and their success is dependent upon improving the grassroots measurement each group has woven into their strategies.

It’s been said if you want work done, give it to the busiest worker. Those are the women in this room, and those who are too busy to be here right now. We’ve got to keep the momentum or our efforts will fall behind. Please decide to make Vision 2020 a part of your family life, your work culture, your politics and your passion. Together, those commitments will allow us to achieve Vision 2020.


About equalityinsight

Vision 2020 is a national coalition of organizations and individuals united in their commitment to achieve women’s economic and social equality. Join Vision 2020 today!
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2 Responses to Inspiring New Generations of Women (and Men)

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  2. The Patriot says:

    Gender roles go against the very thing that America stands for, which is individual liberty! Personal freedom is what this country was founded on!

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