Still Moving Toward Equal Education

Achieving equal opportunities for women and men in education has been a goal many have worked toward.  Today, there are more women attending college than ever before.  However, the question on equal education remains: Are men and women receiving equal educational opportunities?

Even in today’s education era, there are still a handful of schools that hold strong on keeping their institutions all male or all female, and these institutions face a heated debate over the merit of remaining single-gender institutions.  Those in favor of keeping schools as single-gender claim it allows for maturing and introspection.  Those in favor of co-education cite the fact that most organizations in society are mixed gender and the schools should keep up with the real world.  Regardless of whether you are for or against the coeducation of men and women, you must consider the bottom line: Is this fair?

Recently, an all-male college has made the decision to start admitting women. Deep Springs College is now accepting women to its highly competitive two-year program.  It is a school of 26 male students where students do not pay tuition in exchange for their employment managing the school and affiliated ranch.  Their education here carries a value of $50,000 per year and graduates are on the fast track to a prestigious institution for their remaining education.  This is a fantastic opportunity for all of the young men who attend, and now an opportunity for women.

As we continue to work toward our Vision 2020 goals, we must consider how educational opportunities, not just education, play a role in equality.  If we want to increase the number of women in senior leadership positions and to achieve pay equity, we need women to have access to educational opportunities.


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Vision 2020 is a national coalition of organizations and individuals united in their commitment to achieve women’s economic and social equality. Join Vision 2020 today!
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