Words of Wisdom 150 Years Old

Editor’s note: This guest blog post is written by Debra Brenegan, an Assistant Professor of English and Coordinator of the Women’s Studies Program at Westminster College in Missouri.  Her recently released historical novel Shame the Devil (SUNY Press) is based on the remarkable and true story of 19th-century journalist, novelist and feminist Fanny Fern. www.debrabrenegan.com

Fanny Fern was the most-popular, highest-paid writer of her era (1850s-70s) and, as a crusader for social equality, was one of the early voices calling attention to the double standard for men and women regarding business and financial opportunities.  In her June 8, 1861, New York Ledger column, “A Bit of Injustice,” she wrote, “As a general thing there are few people who speak approbatively of a woman who has a smart business talent or capability.  No matter how isolated or destitute her condition, the majority would consider it more “feminine” would she unobtrusively gather up her thimble, and, retiring into some out-of-the-way-place, gradually scoop out her coffin with it, than to develop that smart turn for business which would lift her at once out of her troubles; and which, in a man so situated, would be applauded as exceedingly praiseworthy.”

It’s easy to dismiss Fern’s words – after all she was writing about social problems in play over 150 years ago.  But when you consider that, in 2011, on average, women make 76 cents for every dollar men make, that only 3 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs are women, that women hold only 3 percent of top positions in the mainstream media and that, according to UN Women, women make up about 70 percent of the world’s poor – perhaps Fern’s words still resonate after all.

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One Response to Words of Wisdom 150 Years Old

  1. Mary DeMille Ludvigsen says:

    Excellant commentary. Fern certainly had her finger on the real problem We scare the H – – – out of men! They know if we were allowed to be in charge the world would be a well organized, peaceful society in which to raise our very happy and healthy children. Men can stay home and bake the chocolate chip cookies!

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