‘Bridesmaids’ Breakthrough for Women in Film?

Though at first glance at the trailer, the movie “Bridesmaids” may look like nothing more than producer Judd Apatow making the female equivalent of his typical “bromance” movies (femance? womance?), many are looking at this as a step forward for women in film.  “’Bridesmaids’ is being seen as a watershed, a final blow to the notion that women in Hollywood comedies have two choices: the predictable, bland heroines endemic to romantic comedies or the improbably hot love interests of Apatow-style schlub,” wrote LA Times Columnist Meghan Daum.

The film was written by a woman, Kristen Wiig of SNL fame, and the cast is almost all women. “Bridemaids” has been declared a film success by several newspapers, but leaves the ultimate question, “Will this lead to more women comedians?” unanswered.

The film has also led many to dredge up the Vanity Fair article by Christopher Hitchens headlined “Why Women Aren’t Funny.” In his 2007 article Hitchens writes that men are programmed to want to impress the opposite sex and to do this, they rely on humor. Women, however, already appeal to men, so they have never felt the need to be funny and therefore aren’t.

One point to consider is that we have already seen women be funny. Tina Fey as both a writer and actress in “30 Rock” and in the film “Mean Girls” comes quickly to mind. The difference in “Bridesmaids” appears to be that we see women acting as men.

Is “Bridesmaids” breaking new ground for women? Tell Vision 2020 what you think in the comments below.


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One Response to ‘Bridesmaids’ Breakthrough for Women in Film?

  1. Robin Guadagnini says:

    I think the film was hilarious! and I think it will lead to more women accepted in the comedic arena and not being typecast as the bimbo types. These ladies proved they could be as funny as men, and could be as sidesplitting slapstick type of comedy that has dominated the men’s humor.

    I am hopeful this is a breakthrough for women comedians!

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