Lack of Women at WEF Shows Leadership Gap

Women leaders are in attendance at the World Economic Forum in Davos, but not in equal number to men. Bloomberg News reported that “the female quotient at what the WEF website bills as an ‘unrivaled platform to shape the global agenda’ may be close to 20 percent this year, up from 16 percent last year, because of a new policy to attract more women executives.”

However, that 20 percent doesn’t equal critical mass, which would be 30 percent. Founder of The White House Project Marie Wilson was quoted in the Bloomberg article asking: “How can you set the global agenda and leave out half the population by not having them reasonably represented?”
Still this 20 percent is better than the 9 percent of women attendees in 2001.

If we look at WEF as a pulse-taker of gender equality in the global community, the beat is weak. If WEF wants top leaders in attendance, but this simply indicates that women are not achieving those top levels in organizations.


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