Study: Women Give More

Do women give more money to charitable organizations than men? A recent study reported by The Wall Street Journal says women across all income levels tend to give “more than their male counterparts.”

The study was conducted by the Women’s Philanthropy Institute at Indiana University and noted that among households with an annual income of more $103,000, women donate an average $1,910 per year, compared with $984 for men. In households where the annual income is less than $23,509, women give an average of $540 a year, compared with $281 by men.

During the Philanthropy, Faith & Volunteerism Conversation during Vision 2020 in October, panelist Connie Lindsey, National President of the Girl Scouts of the USA and Executive Vice President of the
The Northern Trust Company, noted that when you examine the strategy around women giving, it centers on ensuring that the cause is relevant, movement based, and not an individual act but something that contributes to a movement.

Chris Grumm, President & CEO of the Women’s Funding Network, echoed that sentiment when she said the new trend for women’s giving should focus on moving from project-building philanthropy to movement-building philanthropy.

What are some strategies for being a movement-based giver? Share your suggestions in the comments below.

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