Fair Pay Act Defeated in Senate

By only 2 votes, the Fair Pay Act died on the Senate floor this morning. Most interesting about the vote was the women who voted no. Do these senators want their daughters and granddaughters to keep earning about 78 cents to every dollar a man earns? Was the pressure on the vote within party lines? What can women do better to mobilize our own networks?

As the Huffington Post noted last week, critics of the Fair Pay Act say the Equal Pay Act of 1963 gives women enough protection from wage discrimination. Today, the gap has only improved by 18 cents.

Ask yourself how much longer you’re willing to wait for equal treatment. Another 90 years?


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4 Responses to Fair Pay Act Defeated in Senate

  1. Melissa Arch Walton says:

    I believe that as women our work is undervalued both inside and outside the home. We have come a long way towards equality but we must continue to speak out against the concept that when women do the exact same work as men, it’s worth less, simply because of the gender of that worker. I am also confused about why any woman would want her daughters and granddaughters to have a future in which they will be similarly underpaid. Is there an unstated internal belief in some women that we “deserve” less than our male counterparts? How sad that we have women who have acheived the powerful political position of Senator, a vote of confidence in their abilities by the whole state they represent, and yet they still cling to the belief that women’s lag in pay is acceptable. As examples for American girls, I would hope that female Senators would have the highest self-esteem amongst all working women.

  2. “Due to technical difficulties the light at the end of the tunnel will be off until further notice.” ~ Unknown


  3. Mel says:

    Speaking as a man, I am so embarrassed.

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