Philanthropy, Faith & Volunteerism Conversation| #Vision2020PFV

Another interesting conversation is starting on women’s leadership as it relates to Philanthropy, Faith and Volunteerism.

The Panelists:

  1. Christine Grumm – President and CEO of the Women’s Funding Network
  2. Rev. Dr. Katharine Rhodes Henderson – President of Auburn Theological Seminary in the city of New York
  3. Connie Lindsey – National Board President of Girl Scouts of the USA

Moderators are Sister Mary Scullion, co-founder of Woman of Hope and Lynn H. Yeakel, founder and former CEO of Women’s Way and Co-chair of Vision 2020.

Henderson – we need to let younger women lead  and put them on Boards even if they don’t say things the way you would. The next generation of volunteers and leaders needs to be built so we can continue our causes and helping on issues.

Henderson – equality is not enough. What are all our values? How do women organization’s connect? We also need to fight poverty, ensure equitable distribution of wealth and other issues that are important for humanity. We need to decide- what’s the world we want to see – that’s the bigger question.

Moderator Lynn Yeakel: Remember, you’re not in this by yourself, we have people involved across the country even if not here today – that’s the point of Vision 2020. We need to work together to make real changes in the country.

Grumm – Leverage networking of non-profits is vital. Networking needs to be about power building; we need to stop competing with each other. Determine what the common thread is and let’s move together. Women are not great at this because seem to be more comfortable in their little space.

Final points to move the Vision 2020 agenda:

Connie Lindsey- Women need to consider philanthropy as power . We also need to use our power to help young women to grow and feel their own power. We need to increase collaboration among non-profits. There are many people who start their own little non-profit and it reduces the impact that we could have on  issues. We’re bifurcated and don’t have critical mass.

Dr. Katharine Rhodes Henderson – My take-away for you is that- there is enough. Think abundance  not scarcity. Get real about the fear of money, it’s a gender issue. Figure out what you really care about the world.

Christine Grumm – we need to be movement building. Philanthropy  is looking for movement building in where they give their money.

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Vision 2020 is a national coalition of organizations and individuals united in their commitment to achieve women’s economic and social equality. Join Vision 2020 today!
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One Response to Philanthropy, Faith & Volunteerism Conversation| #Vision2020PFV

  1. I tweeted responses to a couple of items from @mnwomen. To Women’s Funding Network telling rest of us to quit competing: funders could be more helpful with this. To Girl Scouts saying starting small nonprofits reduces our impact: Sometimes small is beautiful & helps keep the focus on the mission, instead of diverting energy to infrastructure – and who is the “us” in “our impact”? Networks are vital of course and we have a great one here in Minnesota. Thanks for all of this including the fast tweets!

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