Celebrate Your Independence This Weekend

Editor’s Note: Though Fridays are usually reserved for Delegate news, in honor of the holiday weekend, Vision 2020 is featuring a Fourth of July post.

If the Fourth of July isn’t the favorite holiday of American women, we may want to take a closer look at our choices.

Somewhere between the parades and potato salad, it might be a good idea to pause and remember that it’s called Independence Day. For successful women, independence isn’t everything, but it’s way ahead of whatever’s in second place.

Like equality, independence can be elusive.

Women have been chasing independence for so long, it has become hard to recognize. Do we have it when we have enough money in the bank? Enough power at work? Enough respect from others? And how much is enough?

Making progress on independence for women sometimes gets clutters by debate between the value of individuality for one woman versus the essential need for unity among many. The two need not collide.

Individuality requires us to stop over-evaluating what we are not and also to cease undervaluing what we are. When you’re playing catch-up, however, unity with others is always in style. No woman can arrive at the doorstep of her full promise without a culture that encourages her. Nobody is independent until everybody is.

The recipe calls for a cupful of confidence, a full measure of vision and a pinch of reality that reminds us that independence is not a bequest—it’s an achievement. Then bring this to a boil and stir frequently. It happens faster and turns out better when we stir together.

Yes, the calendar tells us that Independence Day is the Fourth of July, but if we do it right, it’s every day.

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