Getting to Know the Vision 2020 Delegates

Every Friday Vision 2020 will highlight local news coverage of our National Delegates.  Today we report on news about one delegate from Wyoming and one from Idaho.

Wyoming delegate Dr. Juanita Unhoch was featured in two articles, one in the Sheridan Media , and the other in The Sheridan Press.  The Sheridan Media article exclusively features sound clips from an interview with Unhoch, in which she describes her nomination and selection as one of the two Wyoming delegates for Vision 2020.  She also gives details about the Vision 2020 initiative itself.  The article from The Sheridan Press includes details of the letter of congratulation Vision 2020 Project Director Catherine Ormerod had written to Unhoch.

Unhoch served nearly 20 years in New Jersey’s public school system.  In addition to her many duties, Unhoch wrote numerous grant proposals to fund computer-based classrooms and laboratories, which she also later administered.

In 2007, Unhoch moved to Wyoming, where she became president of the Sheridan branch of AAUW, a volunteer at Sheridan Memorial Hospital and a member of the Sheridan County Tripartite Board.  As president of the AAUW, Unhoch implemented the AAUW Sheridan Branch Educational Fund, to provide educational supplies to local girls, and wage seminars to aid women in competing in the job market.

Idaho delegate Cynthia Pemberton was featured in an article by ISU Headlines, an affiliate of Idaho State University.  The article describes Vision 2020’s objectives of formulating a Declaration of Equality, and in helping delegates implement a decade-long agenda for bringing about positive changes for women in the fields they are already part of.

Pemberton serves as Associate Dean of the Graduate School at Idaho State University (ISU), and as a professor of educational leadership.  Previously, Pemberton served for more than a decade as an intercollegiate athletic administrator, and as a successful intercollegiate coach at the NCAA Division-I, Division-III, and NAIA levels.  During this time, she received honors numerous times for conference and district coach of the year, including an NAIA national coach of the year award for swimming.

Pemberton has and continues to publish and present locally, regionally, nationally and internationally on Title IX and gender equity in school sport.  She has an extensive record of scholarship, having published books, manuals, and numerous articles for magazines and publications.  All these focus on issues in educational equity and leadership.

Most prominent is Pemberton’s book “More Than a Game: One Woman’s Fight for Gender Equity in Sport,” an autobiographical account on the struggle for gender equity in sport at a small college in Oregon.  This book has received the Phi Kappa Phi Bookshelf Award in 2002, along with many positive reviews.

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Vision 2020 is a national coalition of organizations and individuals united in their commitment to achieve women’s economic and social equality. Join Vision 2020 today!
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